Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

On Tuesday at Christchurch in the after noon their was a very very bad earth quake that happen badly. Their were lots of injured people that were really hurt and crash at the same time.Lots of people were missing since the after noon it was so frighting.

It was sad when the people Christchurch had no where to live.It was very scary when some people got crashed inside buildings cars and some die from it watch is sad.I hope they are alright and feeling good with lots of food and shelter God bless Christchurch.


  1. Hey Ahsin,
    That was a great story about the Christchurch Earthquake. You really care for them like me. Well keep up the great writing I will be visiting a few times

  2. Hey Ashin, that was a great post you wrote about the Christchurch earthquake but some times in the writing, it was sad. I reckon the writing would of been better if you wrote about how they had no power and no toilets until the city put around about 1000 port-a-loos. That was sad.

    Keep up the good writing Ashin. I can't wait for your next post.

  3. You writing really does have a lot of feeling in it, and expresses the tragedy sincerely. I hope the money we raise on our Friday Mufti day can go some way towards helping some of the schools that were damaged.
    Keep up the good writing Ahsin.


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