Friday, September 28, 2012

Maori Fairy Tale, By Ahsin,And Samuela

 Long ago there was a girl that lived in Whakatane up the road from Rotorua . The little maori girl would always wear her Korowai (feather cloak) when she was to leave her whare (house) , everyone in her tribe called her the Whakatanein.

 This one beautiful morning she asked her whaea (mother) if she was allowed to visit her grandmother, because she hadn't seen her in quite a while. Her whaea said “that’s a good idea Whakatanein”  So they made a basket of kai to take.

While she was strolling down the narrow path picking up kumara from the soil to take to her grandmother’s house, she saw a dark shadow approaching her and it was a scaly, hairy taniwha . She was so scared that she used her french stick in her basket to hit the taniwha however no damage was done.  So then she got out her big 6 foot snapper and slapped it across the face of the hairy monster repeatedly. Off she sprinted in her toe nikes leaving the taniwha in her dust.

Once she could no longer smell the taniwha she started walking down the path safely again .... not realising that the taniwha took a shortcut to Whakatanein  grandmother’s house.  Whakatanein got to her grandmother's house and knocked on the door while the taniwha was in the bed acting like the old grandmother.

Then she opened the door with her pukana face and saw her grandmother that had very big sharp teeth with big scaly ears and snake like eyes.  She knew that it wasn't her grandmother so she started playing around with the stupid taniwha so she made food for the creature and got a very poisonous fish that was a  spike thorn fish that was sharper than a hedgehog  and fed it to the taniwha and killed it but out of nowhere she  got her patu that her papa had carefully carved and whack its head back and forth encase the poison hadn’t finished it.
After taking care of the taniwha the grandmother reappeared from fainting after fighting with the monster she felt pretty happy after everything got taken care of, grandmother made some fried snapper with kumara for everyone around the village and everyone lived happily ever after enjoying the big feast.

The End
To all the people in whakatane hows it going bro.