Monday, September 19, 2011

Polar bears.

Polar Bears have very thick white hair on their body to keep them worm from the cold ice . Polar Bears have sharp claws and sharp teeth to help them catch their prey. The polar Bears have little bumps on there big furry feet to help grip on the ice.

Polar bears have babies called cubs , their cubs stay with them for a certain time, they stay with their mother mostly for 2 years. Before their cubs go and live a new life the mother teaches the cub how to hunt for food.

The Polar bear hunts their prey by looking for the seals shadow in the cold ice ocean, the Polar bear finds the seals breathing hole in the surfaces then waits for their head to pop up then strikes for there head then brings it up on to the surface, Then eats its prey.

The polar bear in the wild in the Arctic area live for about 20 years, but a Polar bear that lives in a zoo can manage to live for about 41 years.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wales vs Samoa!!!!!!!

On Thursday 22 of September at 20:00pm at the Hamilton stadium, there will be a very, very exciting game that will happen. It will be tough for both teams and very challenging game between the two teams, so the teams that will be playing against each other will be manu Samoa and the might English men the Wales. I predict that the team that will walk out of that field in to there locker rooms cheering yelling with a win, will be the might English men the Wales wining by 36 to 26

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3 special dogs.

These are 3 special dogs a German Shepherd a poodle and an Beagle, the first dog that I am going to tell you is about I very clever dog called a German Shepherd. German Shepherd are very good to train and they work with cops to catch very bad people.

The 2nd dog is called a Poodle they are good for photo shots and good for dress up. Poodles also go to dog shows for the best looking dog.

The last dog that I am going to tell you about is a Beagle, Beagles are good for police work at the air port, and Beagles are know for one of the best dogs that sniff drugs in peoples bag and houses. These are the 3 special dogs that I have told you about I hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The day we have been waiting for.

On Friday 9th of September 2011 All blacks and Tonga will go head to head on the most exciting tournament in the world, the Rugby world cup. It will be difficult between each team battling on the field,. Both teams will be doing there chants being proud of their county for what they are doing for them.When that ball kicks off I will be praying that the All blacks will win, the score I think that the All blacks will get is 56 to 19. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the All Blacks!!!!!!!!