Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp Highlights

     My best highlight for camp last week was the last day going to swimarama, as I was there it was a bit weird that  lanes were still in the pool, but the teachers said that there were going to be special people training . As campers were having fun in the pool, in the diving pool on the very long dark slide, Wow could my eyes believe that the Warriors came all the way to panmure to just train, and that is my best highlight was seeing the Warriors.

The End


  1. Hi Ahsin,
    My favorite highlight of camp was seeing the Warriors. Bombing was fun too. I think that the Warriors a Amazing but the Storm is good.

  2. Hi Ahsin,
    Hi Ahsin my favourite highlight at camp was bombing off the diving board and seeing the Vodafone Warriors. I think the Warriors are amazing, but NOT better then the Brisbane Broncos!!!

  3. Sup Ahsin

    that is a good looking picture of you Ahsin. You must of been happy you saw the Vodafone warriors. Keep up the good work!!


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