Thursday, March 1, 2012

All about me

1. An interesting thing about me, is that I played for the cook Island darts tournament and got chosen captain and played with my dad, and family.

2. An interesting thing about me is that every holiday I go out west to work with my papa Lawn mowing  peoples lawns in Otara for a Business, and I get paid 80 to 100 dollars.

3. And my favourite movie is Transformers dark side of the moon.


  1. Hi Ahsin,
    I never knew you were captain of the cook island darts team. These are interesting facts about you, but maybe next time you could add a picture. Anyway keep up the awesome work.


  2. Hi Ahsin,

    I didn't know that you were the captain of the cook Island dart team. during the holidays I sometimes go to work with my papa too but I only get paid $50. Keep up the awesome work



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