Monday, November 21, 2011

Best time at Camp Bentzon

It’s Bombing time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I was swimming towards the Pontoon it started to get a bit colder and deeper, then I change my mind about going out to the pontoon.

Campers came out to the pontoon to have some fun jumping off. I was a bit freak out how deep it was, I thought  that I can do it so I jump off and did it . I felt the Pontoon sinking as how more and more  campers coming on.          


  1. Hi Ahsin

    I really liked that you wrote a little bit about your experience at Kawau Island, but I think that you need to check your work properly.

    From Naomi

  2. Hey mate hows it going its a pretty cool picture and you doing big bomb. Keep the good work up. =)

  3. Hey Ahsin

    Sounds and looks like you had fun at your Year 6 camp. Thats cool how you were able to overcome your fear of swimming out to the pontoon. It would have been freaky when you started to feel it sink.


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