Friday, March 23, 2012

Instructions of how to put up a tent

Step 1:Take the tent out of its packaging and unfold it on your tent site.
Step 2: Locate the door and position it so it is facing your camp site.  
Step 3:Pull all four corners of the tent to where you want them to be located.
Step 4:Put all the support rods together.
Step 5:Insert the rod into the rod slips on each corner of the tent.
Step 6:Insert the end of the rod into the corner socket to secure the rod.
Step 7:Then go to the other end of the tent and insert the opposite end of the same rod into the socket.
Step 8:The sockets are found on a flap on each corner of a tent.
Step 9:Complete this process for the ends of each rod. When you are finished, the tent will be raised off the ground.
Step 10:Hammer stakes into each corner of the tent.
Step 11:The stake location is next to the socket where you inserted the rods.
Step 12:Once the tent is up and standing you have to place the fly over the top .
Step 13:Place a rainproof tent fly over the tent so that the corners line up with the ends of the tent. Secure the fly to the ground with stakes.

Finished by Ahsin and Amos

Camp Highlights

     My best highlight for camp last week was the last day going to swimarama, as I was there it was a bit weird that  lanes were still in the pool, but the teachers said that there were going to be special people training . As campers were having fun in the pool, in the diving pool on the very long dark slide, Wow could my eyes believe that the Warriors came all the way to panmure to just train, and that is my best highlight was seeing the Warriors.

The End

Thursday, March 1, 2012

All about me

1. An interesting thing about me, is that I played for the cook Island darts tournament and got chosen captain and played with my dad, and family.

2. An interesting thing about me is that every holiday I go out west to work with my papa Lawn mowing  peoples lawns in Otara for a Business, and I get paid 80 to 100 dollars.

3. And my favourite movie is Transformers dark side of the moon.