Monday, May 20, 2013


1/2 Cup Milk
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla
1 Tablespoon Sugar
4 Cups crushed Ice
4 Tablespoons Salt
2 Small size Zip-loc Bags
1 Large size Ziploc Freezer bag
Towel or Warm Gloves

1. first the class but not me Mixed the milk with Vanilla and sugar together in one of the small size bags. Seal tightly, allowing them to let little air out to remain in the bag as possible.  Too much air left inside may force the bag to open during shaking.

2. Place this bag inside the other small size bag, again leaving as little air inside as possible and sealing well. By double-bagging, the risk of salt and ice leaking into the ice-cream is minimized. Put the two bags inside the large size bag and fill the bag with ice, then sprinkle salt on top.

3. Again let all the air escape and seal the bag. Wrap the bag in the towel or put your
gloves on, and shake and massage the bag, making sure the ice surrounds the cream mixture.

4.Five to eight minutes is adequate time for the mixture to freeze into ice-cream.

Friday, May 17, 2013


I Think that the Heart Attack Grill should not be able to Operate their business in Auckland New Zealand Glen Innes.

The heart attack grill's food is filled with grease sodium and sugar. Eating this food will lead to many more health problems amongst the people in Glen Innes  , they also give out unlimited fries  which are tipped into a lot of lard oil which is from animal fat their beef are full of alot of fat with heaps of grease and not much protein also they have burgers with 1 to 4 patties in there burgers, also they give out very large shakes which are full with butter fat and drinks with of lots sugar... The promoter even provides free burgers and shakes for free to people over 350.pounds...

Friday, May 10, 2013


WILL.I.AMs song That Power means that even though you're really messed up you can still dream big and achieve it. It means you can do things that you can start off small And finish big. This is a song you can take and listen to if you need help with stuff. WILL.I.AM Has a mission to help troubled and disadvantaged people in New Zealand by inspiring them to do big things with their life. He said if one New Zealander can go on to do something amazing it would be worth it. P.S WILL.I.AM IS THE BOOSSSSSSSSSSSS.......