Friday, May 17, 2013


I Think that the Heart Attack Grill should not be able to Operate their business in Auckland New Zealand Glen Innes.

The heart attack grill's food is filled with grease sodium and sugar. Eating this food will lead to many more health problems amongst the people in Glen Innes  , they also give out unlimited fries  which are tipped into a lot of lard oil which is from animal fat their beef are full of alot of fat with heaps of grease and not much protein also they have burgers with 1 to 4 patties in there burgers, also they give out very large shakes which are full with butter fat and drinks with of lots sugar... The promoter even provides free burgers and shakes for free to people over 350.pounds...

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  1. Hi Ahsin. You have mentioned some very good points. It shows that you have put some effort into researching. Researching provides interesting information and it helps back up what you write. Looking forward to another post from you very soon.


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