Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets.

I was so excited, as Miss Garden told the whole class that we were going to be making Comets out of Ice cream and Sprinkles, I was so looking forward to it.

I was looking forward to eating some comets in the afternoon, I heard my stomach growling like a bear. I was waiting and waiting for the bell to ring, but then the time has come for the bell to ring and I ran though people and in to class, and was ready for what was next.

I saw the cold air around the block of ice cream with nice smells coming around me from the table, then my stomach started growling even more. Miss Garden called me up to come and get my Ice comet made out of Ice cream and put it on my hands, and I felt a cold chocolate river poring on the ground.

Mr Sommerville was waiting for me to get my Hundreds and Thousand and put it on top of my Ice cream comet to make like it was dust and rock. Then I put my sprinkles ( dust ) every where and it was a mess.

This is the time I have been waiting for was to eat my comet and it was very nice and I was a mess, I liked that day making comets with room 16 and want to do it again.

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