Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Advance 2012

This is the time for me to work up levels for 2012, to advance my goals like you've never seen before to reading writing and maths and by behaving  in class. But my main aim for this year is my sports and to gain more experience in  things I have never done.


  1. Hi Ahsin,

    I really like how you have some good vocabulary into your work such as advance and experience. I think if you put some more posts on like this one you will do very good during the year. You don't really need to work on anything because I think you have done excellent.


  2. Hi Ahsin,

    I like your 5 pictures that represent the things that you will achieve this year. You have the most funniest personality in the whole school.

  3. Hi Ahsin

    Hope fully you succeed in your sports and Stop being naughty in class too. But I bet you can do better then that.

  4. Hi Ahsin

    I really like the way you did some interesting vocab such like advanced and experience. Keep up the good work Ahsin. I hope to see your next blog post.

  5. Hi Ahsin I like the five pictures you have on your vision board that you are willing to achieve this year. Another thing I like is your description because it has some very interesting vocabulary that just want to hook me in.

    Keep up the good work Ahsin and I hope to see your next blog post.


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