Wednesday, August 24, 2011


On Friday we had a sport session with a women named Lorene, “she is the lady that's going to teach as how to play badminton” Miss M said, badminton it was a sport that I have not herd before. As room 17 started was walking as a line down the breeze to the hall I felt so nerves because I didn't no what to.As room 17 sat down in a semi circle, I saw allot of small and long rackets that nearly looked like tennis rackets, and the Badminton shuttles they had what looked like bird feathers .After that I saw Lorene pop out of the door then a got really nerves but the first task we did was a back hand It felt hard because that was the first time Ive done it before, It got a bit sample when I got to practiced. I liked my time at Badminton cunt Wait for next Friday.

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