Friday, July 27, 2012

30th Olympiad

It is the 26th -  just 1 day away from the 2012 opening of the olympic games in London.

London will be the first county to have ever hosted 3 olympic games. It first hosted the olympics in 1908  then 1948 and now hosting the  2012 olympic games. London is a very majestic and modern city to go to with a lot of history. Well known locations like the Big Ben clock tower and Buckingham  Palace are the backdrops for many of the venues.

All time winning gold medalist Michael Phelps is going in to are very tough swimming tournament hoping to win his 15 gold medal in the 100 meter freestyle. Also the world's fastest sprinter Usain Bolt in a challenging spot with fast sprinters running partner Yohan blake, and american, Tyson Gay. I wonder who will triumph?

The events  that I am looking forward to in the 2012 London olympic games are the 100 meter, 200 and relay race, and hoping that my favorite team jamaica with the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt and team partner Yohan Blake will take out the gold medals for Jamaica.

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