Friday, November 30, 2012


Making my way home, a bunch of boys I call friends, suddenly told me about a dark spooky forest that we should go and check out. It was known for ancient wars in the 1860s. I made and dumb choice to go without my mum knowing I was gone. They were telling stories as we were making our way to the forest the stories were making me shiver covered with goosebumps all over my body.

As we arrived I suddenly started to know that this was not a great idea as I started to see all tall trees above my head swaying side to side in a very scary way. I started to shiver even more as the leaves were dropping off above touching my nose gently. Birds singing zooming past my ears, hearing heavy grows deep within the forest seeing dark shadows sprinting past. I felt so emotional walking light tip-toeing my way when suddenly I heard Raenan’s loud yell leaving deep scratches in the soil of the ground.

The dark shadow from hell started approaching us as we're getting closer and closer to each other, each holding big fat logs as our weapons to defend our self. Growls approaching heavily seeking from every section we look at. I counted to 3, “1,2,3” Every evil living thing started attacking as we were thrashing our logs side to side with a blood pool all over my body. When everything just varnished and saw the car park on the other side of the forest, we sprinted like never before in our lives. Sprinting home safe again not to forget how scary and kind of fun that was I am never going to forget what happen that night.

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