Monday, March 4, 2013


During the midnight shift at work, John was drinking his cup of coffee while printing out papers. He felt really bored. Suddenly out of the photocopier came a white sheet with a very dark circle right in the centre. He laid his cup on the paper, and it  suddenly appeared as if the dark hole sucked up the cup . John thought  “What just happened here?”

Nervously, John slowly crept his hand into the mysterious dark hole. Feeling incredibly scared, he quickly pulled his hand back, he tried one more time, it was freaky for him. Quickly he grabbed the white cup. Wow! he thought.

While being amazed, something came up in his head. John had discovered what he could do with the black hole. Now he has the power to do anything. With a suspicious look on his face, he went over to the vending machine. Placing the paper on the wall, he excitedly grabbed a chocolate bar from inside.

Eating and feeling happy, he had the same look again. While eying the office, “hmm shall I go in or what?” said John. The door was locked but luckily he the power. He placed the black hole on the door and unlocked it from the inside. He looked at the safe.
John stuck the black hole on the safe with two small pieces of sticky tape. Grabbing the cash as fast as he could, he counted out 1, 2, 3, 4 and even more still. John was searching for more. He reached his hand in, still trying to get more.  


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  1. Hey Ahsin

    John sounds greedy doesn't he? Does he get caught? Does he use it to help somebody? What would you do with a black hole that could open anything? I'm curious to hear what happens next :)

    Keep writing, Mr. Hutchings


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