Monday, July 8, 2013


Gripping onto the unsteady rocks tightly, KImbo slipped  and precariously dangled in mid air. He used all his strength and energy to try and  pull himself up to safety. He was determined to  make it to his destination which was at the top of the cliff. Tired and relieved he finally reached the top of the cliff.

Looking up in the distance he saw the towering dojo on the peak of the mountain, which was massive. He walked tiredly to the dojo. Feeling relieved to finally make it, he thought to himself “am I gonna get in?”

As Kimbo looked up at the door he took a deep breath and knocked on the astonishingly tall door. Out came a sensei. He looked old and wise, but then suddenly, he pointed away as if kimbo was not allowed to be in the dojo.

Kimbos looked down and thought to himself “I must show respect to the sensei”, so he decided to meditate all day and all night to show his respect.  He waited and waited, then he took a peek with one eye open, and there standing was the senesi and again he pointed away and slammed the door .

His shoulders drop as well as his head, he walked away feeling down but all of a sudden he must of thought that he put his life on the line just to be in the dojo . He walked back and kick down the and pulled a stanice as if he was going to challenge the senesi. The senesi pointed at the sign and Kimbo looked ist said “ please use the side entrance” kimbo was ahamed.  

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  1. Ahsin - I am so pleased to see you using your gifted way with words! I really enjoyed reading this, you have used some great words really well. Make sure you take the time to proofread!

    Mrs Nua


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